Losing Our Wisconsin Dairy Farms

This past year, Wisconsin lost 818 dairy farms—10% of all dairy farms in the state. This breaks my heart. I think of everyone who has had to make the difficult decision to sell the cows and leave farming. I think of my friends and neighbors who have had to give it all up and those who still fight the good fight. And I especially think of my uncles and cousins who work every day to make a living off Zimdars Family Farm, the farm that has been in the Zimdars family for 145 years, despite all the challenges in recent years.

Rural Wisconsin is reeling from this crisis. I do not want to hear more stories of farmers who have to look their children in the eyes and say that they are the last farmer to live off the land like their parents and grandparents before them. The tide must be turned. Now more than ever, we need leaders who understand agriculture and will fight for the survival of rural life in our state. I can be that leader. Check out the article!

- Nate

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