As a candidate in a rural district, the issues that Nate is prioritizing in this campaign; center on how we can ensure Rural Wisconsin is not left behind and can overcome the challenges we are currently facing.  Three key campaign priorities include:
- Agriculture: Supporting our farmers and those in the agricultural community who have been feeling hurt from declining prices, volatile weather patterns, the ramifications of a trade war, and a rise in suicides.
- Rural Infrastructure: Providing broadband internet access for everyone, improving local roads, investing in small businesses, and supporting clean water systems. 
- Healthcare: Ensuring that we have adequate affordable and accessible healthcare for those most in need. 
Nate also recognizes that as a State Representative he will be voting on issues impacting individuals from all walks of life and from all corners or our great state. That requires having positions on issues affecting those outside of our rural areas.
You are welcome to contact the campaign if there are any issues you feel strongly about and wish to share with Nate.

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